I am a football (and sometimes tennis) writer always on the lookout for new opportunities. You can get in touch with me here.

I prefer writing about topics or players that usually fly below the radar of mainstream football news and opinions.

I have previously written for various football websites over the last 5 years (half of them have sadly gone under since including TransferNewsCentral, CanTheyScore, MancunianRed).

OutsideoftheBoot Profilehttp://outsideoftheboot.com/author/pranav-dar/

Sportskeeda Profile: http://www.sportskeeda.com/author/darbatov/



10 thoughts on “Pranav Dar

    1. I’m employed part-time, they pay me per article. You should write more, man, that was a pretty good article.

      Why did you go off Facebook? Give me your Skype id.

  1. Just got bored of it. Either-ways, it was a humongous waste of time. So skype id is abhimanyu.nagpal. Anyhow, are you on BlackBerry too? I loved your Rooney and Sneijder. Write something on Alan Smith man. Haha, I remember how big a fan you were.

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